Adventure Psychology -

Going Knowingly into the Unknown


We help business and individuals thrive during change, challenge and uncertainty. 


The world has never been more challenging, changing and uncertain. We need to adapt. We help you improve your agility and resilience when dealing with future uncertainty and change. To go knowingly into the unknown. 


Adventure Psychology is a PERFORMANCE and WELL-BEING psychology. Giving you the ability to survive, cope and thrive in challenging conditions. 

​Most people will be familiar with Sport Psychology which is about peak performance in fixed conditions over a short period of time. In comparison, Adventure Psychology builds enduring and resilient performance during uncertainty and challenge. Adventure Psychology is much more relevant in today's world: 

Adventure Psychology specialises in:

How to Survive, Cope & Thrive in difficult times

Increased flexibility, resilience and enduring performance

Healthy thinking to enable optimum functioning and flourishing

How to deal with uncertainty and ambiguity

Boost morale, motivation, focus and engagement

Expanded mental capacity driving better performance & productivity

Better decision making

Less stress, more control


Adventure Psychology helps you to cope and thrive as we develop evolution fitness, using psychology to boost performance. Being our best, during the worst. We do this using our  models and methodologies, giving you tips and tools you can easily apply.

Programmes include:

  1. Going Knowingly (into the Unknown)  - How do I prepare for what's ahead?

  2. Into the Unknown - How do I cope in the midst of this challenging time?

  3. Resilient Strength - How do I become stronger?

  4. What's your New Normal?


Adventure Psychology – Going Knowingly into the Unknown™.

You can’t predict the future, but you can prepare for it.


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