Boat to boardroom

This ½ day or one day workshop follows the exploits of a sailing team
in the Global Challenge Around the World Yacht Race.

The workshop is hands-on with Global Challenge Crew telling their story and stopping at critical moments in their actual race when attendees discuss what
is happening and how they should react – from both leadership and crew perspectives. Each scenario is debriefed, with learnings taken away to apply in the workplace. A typical session will have 3 scenarios.

They cover a range of situations relating to different aspects of business such as:
  • Leadership

  • Strategy

  • Crisis management

  • Motivation

  • Resilience

  • Silo mentality

  • Dealing with poor performance

Outcomes and takeaways include:
  • 7 Racing Rules handout on how to win

  • Tips from Boat to Boardroom

  • A 7 Racing Rules diagnostic

  • The 7 Racing Rules book