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Development programmes

We help businesses prepare for the future – to go Knowingly into the Unknown. We assist leadership teams and whole organisations to …

  • Have confidence and courage in Uncertainty

  • Lead into the Unknown

  • Thrive in a VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous)

  • Make better Decisions in context and under pressure

  • Be Courageous and Humble, Resilient and Present

  • Lean into Fear or Failure 

  • Deal with Disruption (i.e. technology)

  • Tolerate and find Cohesion in Ambiguity

  • Get inspiration, positive energy or a growth mindset in the workplace

  • Get personal inspiration, confidence and more mentally healthy

Workshops & Development Programmes 
Single Workshops are available for half or full days. Transformational Development Programmes tailored to your objectives and needs


The way we work

All Workshops and Development Programmes are tailor-made to your objectives and include interactive exercises, facilitated discussions, goal-setting, reviews and expert content to help you prepare for the future.

We recommend 1:1 coaching as a complement to embed resilience, growth and wisdom.

Topics include:
  • Going Knowingly

    • How to choose what to do

    • How to prepare for the future

    • Decision making and choices

  • Into the Unknown

    • Thriving in Uncertainty,  Ambiguity & Disruption

    • Thriving in Challenge, Fear & Crisis

    • Thriving in Volatile Change

  • Resilience

  • Leading & Performing in context and under pressure

  • Venture Challenge in the workplace

  • Disruptive…technology and future