Our Masterclasses are available for half or full days, virtual or face - to - face. Masterclasses can also be designed into Transformational Development Programmes tailored to your objectives and needs.

The way we work

All Masterclasses and Development Programmes are tailor-made to your objectives and include interactive exercises, facilitated discussions, goal-setting, reviews and expert content to help you prepare for the future. We also recommend 1:1 mentoring as a complement to embed resilience, growth and wisdom.

Unique Methodology

We deliver the mindset, tools and methodology to strengthen and enhance your resilience, wisdom and growth.

Each phase contains its’ own unique models and methodologies combining academic theory with the lived experience of enduring expeditions.

Survive, Cope & Thrive

One of our key models - 'Triage' - is used in the 'Into the Unknown' phase and was referenced extensively during the COVID19 pandemic to support people with the most helpful thinking, emotions and actions, according to which mode they - or their business - were in. 

This model is based on when I skied from the Coast of Antarctica to the South Pole in 46 days.


If you are in Survival Mode for a while, that's OK and perfectly understandable. Time to rein in your ambitions, 5 year plans and nice-to-haves and just concentrate on One Step at a Time - doing the next best thing. Short Steps for Survival. (Just concentrating on the 4" of snow ahead).


In Coping Mode you are managing and on top of things. Coping is defined as where your Resources meet the Demands of the situation. The acid test for me skiing uphill for 12 hours a day in -40 degrees was whether I managed to brush my teeth twice a day.


Finally, you may be Thriving despite the tough conditions (Me at the South Pole). Defined as feeling fully alive, learning and growing. If you are in Thriving Mode perhaps you have some spare capacity to boost someone else and Role Model the Way forward.

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