Workshops and Development Programmes can be tailor-made to your objectives and include interactive exercises, facilitated discussions, goal-setting, reviews and expert content to help you prepare for the future. We recommend 1:1 coaching as a complement to embed resilience, growth and wisdom.


Our Adventure Psychology Masterclasses are:

Going Knowingly – Choosing to go

An experiential workshop on making the right choices pre-embarking on your project or venture*, including whether you choose to go – or not, and if so, which path to take. 

Going Knowingly – Preparing to go

An experiential workshop on psychological and cultural preparation in how to lead and perform on a future project (or venture).

Into the Unknown

An experiential workshop on how to lead and perform during uncertain times, focussing on how we should think, feel and behave when we are in unknown territory. Into the Unknown™ takes you into the future – your future and your organisation’s future and looks specifically at the context in which you and your teams will be operating.


Resilience: How to perform & lead under pressure

An experiential workshop on how to survive, cope and ultimately thrive under the pressure of challenging situations. Developing the resilience muscle in individuals, teams and organisations.


Wisdom through Peak Experiences

Generating insights, debriefs and reviews. So what do we know now? Wisdom talks and walks.


Growth through Challenge

Personal adventure mapping, putting it into practice, future proofing, sharing best practice & knowledge. Ideally including an outside excursion.

*Venture – a challenging undertaking. A business Venture.

We also have workshops on:

  • Adventure Mindset at Work

  • Adventure Metaphor and Language at Work

  • Wisdom through Peak Experiences, for Individuals, Leaders and Businesses

  • Growth through Challenge, for Individuals, Leaders and Businesses

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