Living life to the full

Achieving your personal vision and goals, or How to Live Life to the Full with no regrets!  

A thought-provoking, focussing and stimulating interactive workshop from people who have adventured far and wide, including skiing to the South Pole and North Pole, yacht racing around the world, cycling across countries, paddling the Mekong, Inca trail, husky sledding, walking across England, Climbing Everest, completing the Marathon des Sables, writing books… and so much more.

1–2 day Live Life to the Full Workshop or Retreat covering:
  • Pre-Session – all attendees are sent a personal vision questionnaire to complete in their own time and bring with them

  • The context is set, explaining personal philosophy, positive psychology and experience in ‘Living Life to the Full’

  • Personal vision walk and talk in pairs

  • Personal Vision and Purpose

  • Personal DNA – motivations, values, strengths, profile

  • Creation of personal/group ‘bucket list’ or Wheel of Life

  • One Massive Goal – in 12-steps

  • Personal vision, mission, values and goals

  • ONE MASSIVE GOAL! (OMG!) action plan

  • Live Life to the Full (Bucket) List