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Calling HR Professionals

We are offering the opportunity for 15 senior HR professionals to attend a free two-hour Zoom Masterclass with The Adventure Psychologist – Paula Reid on 30 July at 1500. After several weeks delivering back-to-back 'Coping with Covid' sessions, we are now looking to support progressive companies, help them deal with uncertainty and assist HR to re-integrate staff as they come back to work and face the challenges ahead.

We have been working with several organisations and 100s of CEOs already, to help them survive, cope and thrive in these challenging, uncertain and changing times. We have been facilitating the development of a robust mindset – one that is healthy, flexible, resilient and focused.

We would like to help HR to help their people. By sharing tools, tips and strategies that HR can apply to themselves and their teams.

To be considered for a free HR place please go to:

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