the world

Taking on challenge is the theme of this Round the World conference activity. Combining the best elements of an engaging team building event and a motivational speaker; this is our fast-paced conference energiser.

Has your team got what it takes to win the 55,000km circumnavigation challenge? Will your team sink or swim? Will you run a “tight ship” or “drift afloat” aimlessly? With the help of our experienced round-the-world skipper to show them the ropes, each team unpacks their kit bags, examines the route and sets off with all hands on deck, working together, solving problems.

The activity is divided into three legs. The first leg (Portsmouth to Buenos Aires, 12,000km) involves teams tackling a range of engaging and fun nautical challenges from their kit bag. No knowledge of sailing is required or expected. Challenges successfully completed move the team closer to their circumnavigation goal while our countdown timer keeps everyone on their toes. Each round cranks up the pressure!

Our route follows The Global Challenge: The World’s Toughest Yacht Race the “wrong way” around the world, east-to-west, against prevailing conditions and The Roaring Forties.

In-between challenges, our skipper/presenter shows inspiring photos and video footage to really bring home the spirit of adventure. This is spiced up with light-hearted anecdotes. It should be plain sailing, but all teams must be ready for their Man Overboard moment when agility and calm thinking will be needed to avert disaster or to grasp a window of opportunity.

If you want a motivating and inspiring round the conference table team activity, Round the World is our unique event solution.

This event is perfect for organisations looking to inject a spirit of adventure into proceedings. 
Outcomes and takeaways include:

•    Working as a team to achieve goals
•    The importance of agility
•    Taking on a challenge
•    Effective communication
•    Crisis response
•    Decision making under pressure