We work with whole organisations, leaders, teams and individuals to prepare them for future uncertainty – to go Knowingly into the Unknown. We work best with leaders in markets of change and disruption.

We offer a range of Adventure Psychology Tailored Solutions

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We assume the basic premise that life – and business – looks a bit like this:

An enduring obstacle course full of challenge and uncertainty. The good news is that “If everything was clear to you now, everything was already mapped out, there would be no evolution of yourself as a human being” (Eckhart Tolle).

Adventure Psychology helps you tackle the journey and evolve. Our model of the psychological journey is this:


Our mindset and narrative impact our thinking, emotions and behaviours. When we go knowingly into the unknown, we go with choice and preparedness into the future. The evolution of yourself on your journey provides you with the resilience, wisdom and growth you need to go more knowingly next time.

Each phase contains its’ own unique models and methodologies combining academic theory with the lived experience of enduring expeditions. We have gone knowingly into the unknown – preparing for a year at sea, or skiing 1000km to the South Pole. We understand how to survive, cope and thrive in the midst of challenging times – such as when we carried out two medivacs around Cape Horn. We have learned Resilience time and time again.

There is no-one better placed to share anticipatory thinking, agility and resilience tools.