Who we are

Adventure Psychology is the brainchild of veteran explorers and adventurers Paula Reid and Alex Alley.


What sets Adventure Psychology apart is that Alex and Paula have first hand experience of Surviving and Thriving in difficult and challenging conditions. Pulling together a lifetime of extreme expeditions and experiences, they apply all the methodologies, approaches and psychology into the business arena, equipping today’s modern business leaders for what lies ahead.

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Paula Reid

Adventurer and The Adventure Psychologist


Imagine working for 12 hours a day in a place where the temperature is down to -40 degrees - twice as cold as your freezer. Imagine skiing uphill, into the wind, for 46 days pulling an 80kg sledge. Add to that a severe and very painful cold injury to both legs from Day 7. If anyone knows about mental toughness - Paula does. She has learned resilience first hand and understands how to perform enduringly in the toughest of conditions. From Skiing to the South Pole to Yacht Racing around the world, she has learned how to thrive in hugely challenging circumstances. Combine this with over 30 years working with leaders and running businesses and add a Masters’ Degree in Applied Positive Psychology.

The sweet spot - where the magic happens - is where the three overlap. Business Knowledge + Expedition Experience + Academic Expertise = Adventure Psychology. 

​Through her unique combination of extensive business intelligence, personal extreme expedition experience* and MSc in Positive Psychology her expertise is unparalleled in being able to equip today's leaders with the tools to thrive in challenging and uncertain conditions. ​She applies extreme endurance strategies and tips realistically to business and support the development of healthy mindsets.

Known as a Performance Catalyst, Paula is an expert speaker, mentor and facilitator. She has written four books and delivered a TEDx talk on the Stretch Zone.

​*Expeditions to date include: Yacht Racing around the World (10 months); 3rd British female to Ski from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole (46 Days); Cycling across 12 Countries; Paddling the Mekong; Kayaking the Thames; Walking across England, Scotland and Ireland; living among the hidden tribes of West Papua and Dayaks of Kalimantan.

Alex Alley

World Record Solo Sailor


World Record Yachtsman Alex has been sailing most of his life. From racing dinghies as a child to sailing high-performance yachts deep in the Southern Ocean on his own, chasing more world records. Some describe him as an adrenaline junkie and after representing England and setting 3 sailing world records, he now skippers superyachts and race yachts at events and regattas all over the world.

He has worked with leadership teams around the world and spoken at conferences and events globally about his experiences and how they impact on business. Working closely with Paula to develop Adventure Psychology, they now draw on their experience of excelling in challenging and uncertain environments and impart that wisdom on to others so that they may thrive.

‘The day you think you know it all is the day to stop. Despite my experience I still look to learn every day I am on the water. You never stop learning’.


"Probably the most motivated and positive person I have ever met."

James Smith, Supply Chain Integration Project Manager, Unilever UK Foods